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Thanks for your email.

I was about send this a s a simple thank you…

But – the postman just knocked – so I can add –

Thank You it has arrived and is exactly what I need.

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Steve & Dee are the most helpful people I’ve come across in the RV business.

They are accessible, friendly and knowledgeable. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending them.

Thanks for all your advice.


When I bought my Damon Daybreak, it came with a Flojet Macerator.

I couldn’t get the waste outlet connector that connects the macerator to the large 1 inch hose so therefore couldn’t use it.

I have been to plumbers merchants all over the place but the american thread is different so they couldn’t match it up.

In steps Mobile RV!

Steve Dunn at mobile RV has had the connectors machined himself to provide these to his customers.

Thank you very much Steve!!