Fresh Water Pressure Regulator High Flow


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Product Description

Valterra High Flow Water Pressure Regulator 

Fresh Water Pressure Regulator; Protects RV Plumbing Against High Pressure

Pressure Range (PSI): 50 To 55 Pounds Per Square Inch

End Size1: 3/4 Inch

End Type 1: GSH Female Swivel

End Size 2: 1/2 Inch

End Type 2: NPSM Male

Material: Brass

Colour Of Grip: Blue

Complies With CA/VT Regulations: Yes

With Built-In Check Valve: No

With Gauge: No

With Cap: No

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  • Conforms With Federal And State Laws For Drinking Water Fixtures
  • Protects RV Plumbing Against High Pressure
  • 15 Percent To 20 Percent More Flow
  • Valterra Blue Grippers Indicate Lead Free
  • No Tools Required
  • Fits All Standard Water Hose And Campground Water Risers