Onan Bridge Rectifier


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ONAN BRIDGE RECTIFIER Bridge rectifier is approx 1″ square with 4 spade connectors, and has a hole in the center for mounting. Replaces Onan 305-0718 or 305-0935.  Also can replace Coleman Powermate 0063232 and 0048677 with much better specifications! This heavy-duty diode bridge can be used for many older Generac portable generators including model 8905-1 and 8840-1. Replaces these original obsolete Generac and Briggs & Stratton part numbers if re-wired correctly: 022695000A 00728293 or 007-28293 Dometic 66850 66850GS 79569 079569 79569GS 28293 028923 28923GS NOTICE: Because the terminals will be exposed there is a risk of electrical shock!  We recommend you fully insulate each terminal, or relocate the recitfier to a different location that is not easily accessible while generator is running. Also assure it is mounted against a metal surface as a heat sink, or at least in the cooling air flow of the generator.

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