Black RV Roof & Panel Sealant “Long Shelf Life”


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Product Description

Black RV Roof & Panel Sealant “Long Shelf Life”

Why So Expensive??

It has a 18 Month Shelf Life,How Many Times Have You Needed Sealant, Only To Find That What You Have Has Gone Off??

Tape Up The End And Use Again & Again, We Have Tested This Product & Its Brilliant.

Ideal For Sealing Down Items, Sticking Down Items Such As Vents Solar Panels/Sat Systems, Also Good For Sealing Windows, End Caps, Lamps Etc.

Good For All Metals and EPDM (Rubber Roofs) This black version is ideal for sealing around windows & windscreens etc, and can be used to “slip fit” plumbing fittings,

Put One In Your Toolbox, This Will Get You Out Of Trouble, A Great Glue As Well.

Many Vehicle Repair Tasks Require A Special Sealer To Replace Seals Or Bond Add-On Parts. The KENT Quick Seal Body Seam Sealer Has Been Designed For These Requirements. Quick Seal Can Be Used Universally For Bonding And Sealing, It Is Not Ropy And Does Not Shrink. Different From Most Sealing Compounds, This Product Is Not Based On Polyurethane (PU) And Neither Contains Solvents Nor Isocyanate. MS Polymers Not Only Perform Better And Last Longer For This Reason But Are Also Harmless To The Health Of The User.

Thanks To The Superior Physical Properties Of The Silane Modified Polymer This Seam Sealer Is Suitable For All Clean, Dry And Grease-Free Substrates And Bonds To Aluminium, Steel, Most Primed, Painted Or Blank Metallic Surface Even Without Primer And Also On Glass, Plastic Or Rubber. You Will Be Able To Seal Many Different Components Of The Bodywork With It – Such As Door Foldings, Mudguards, Front And Rear Panels But Also Roof And Pillar Supports As Well As Butt Joints And Overlaps. The Sealer Is Also Suitable As Bonding Agent For Attachment Parts Such As Spoilers.

A Skin That Can Be Painted Over Will Form After Only 10 Minutes. Complete Curing Is Not Required For Painting Over. Best Paint Adhesion Is Achieved When Painting Within Four Hours After The Application Of The Sealer.

Also Available In White