454 GM HT Lead Carb Engine Set 3


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Product Description

8mm HT Lead Set 3

These Leads Are Premium Conductors, Highest Quality Protective Insulation And Outer Jacketing, Premium Metal Terminals As Well As Heat Resistant Distributor And Plug Boots Promote A Hot Durable Spark, Improved Fuel Economy, Reduced Carbon Footprint And Long Service Life.
Core Construction: Silicone Suppression Core

Cylinders: 8

Insulation: Silicone

Jacket: Silicone

Spark Plug Wire Lead 1: 23.5″

Spark Plug Wire Lead 2: 28.5″

Spark Plug Wire Lead 3: 28.5″

Spark Plug Wire Lead 4: 32.5″

Spark Plug Wire Lead 5: 36.5″

Spark Plug Wire Lead 6: 40.5″

Spark Plug Wire Lead 7: 40.5″

Spark Plug Wire Lead 8: 48.5″

Total Number of Leads: 8

Car/Truck: Truck

Wire Set Import / Domestic: Domestic

Wire Diameter: 8mm

1x Set Of Instructions Included


Chevrolet C20 (86)

Chevrolet C20 Suburban (86)

Chevrolet C30 (86)

Chevrolet K30 (86)

Chevrolet P30 (89-86)

Chevrolet R30 (88-87)

Chevrolet R3500 (89)

Chevrolet V30 (88-87)

Chevrolet V3500 (89)

GMC C2500 (86)

GMC C2500 Suburban (86)

GMC C3500 (86)

GMC K3500 (86)

GMC P3500 (89-86)

GMC R3500 (89-87)

GMC V3500 (89-87)

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