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frequently asked questions


Please find the answer to the most frequently asked questions below:

If the part is a “stock” item we will give you a full “parts” refund after the goods are returned to Mobile RV undamaged & unused.
If we have to order from the USA we usually get the parts in within 10-14 days.
We will always quote you a price which will include all freight/duty and import expenses. We will only ever charge you an extra fee for UK delivery (postage) if you do not wish to collect in person.
We usually only need a postcode to work out a travel costing and with this we can usually tell you what a certain job is likely to cost (plus parts). Please call us or email us for a quote, and don’t forget your postcode.
Please contact us with as much information as you can on the item you need and we will do our very best to find it for you, big or small.


I think we all know the basics, i.e. drain down the hot water heater, drain out the fresh water tank, open all the taps & lift or open the taps on the hot and cold water pipe lines, etc. But if you are going to use RV antifreeze we would suggest fitting the fresh water tank Bypass kit as well. This allows you to draw antifreeze straight from the bottle. Either way we would simply fully drain down the water system, a ”blow out plug” will make this easier if you have one, If not simply use the water pump . When you think you have all of the water out, shut all of the valves and taps etc, put the antifreeze into the tank (or put on bypass) and pump the antifreeze around the system i.e. antifreeze is coming out of all the taps. TIP Catch the antifreeze as you go, the weaker solution can go into the U bend on your kitchen, bathroom & shower trap, Don’t forget the loo, if you have an outside shower or an ice maker in the fridge, these will also need a purge. Disconnect exit pipe on icemaker valve & purge valve. When you come to reuse the RV, you can catch some of the solution again. (Re-use only once) Save money, save the RV water system/tanks from damage. Much cheaper than a call out. Don’t forget the Macerator this can also get damaged if left with water in it?

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01869 351458
01865 883630

07860 432751

Unit 5, Staplehurst Farm, Weston on the Green, Bicester - OX25 3QU

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