Velvac 714589 Deluxe Mirror Head, Driver Side, White,


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Velvac 714589 Deluxe Mirror Head, Driver Side, White, Heated,Remote Control, Head Only

Adjustable Flat Glass and Heated/Manually Adjustable Convex Glass (Left/Driver Side)

Measurements: Approximately 9.05″ Wide By 13.62″ High, And Has A Separate Full-Width 4″ By 8″ Convex.
Please Note That Often A mirror Image May Appear To Be The Correct Replacement For Your Vehicle, However The Base, Arm Or Head May Not Fit Your Particular Model. In Order To Minimize Order Errors And Returns, Please Ensure You Have Selected The Correct Velvac Mirror For Your Vehicle By Accessing This Easy-To-Use Tool

Once You’ve Verified Your Mirror Selection, Simply Close The Velvac Mirrors Window And Proceed To Order With Us.

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